by Matthew Kee

August 5, 2023

Non-Obvious Insights: One of the Most Important Things Startups Need in Order to Win

Reading Time: 4 minutes Part 3 of the “Venture Investing Expression” series. Let’s unpack “non-obvious insight.” This is one of my favorite topics to unearth when evaluating startups.

by Matthew Kee

July 26, 2023

The Venture Investing Expression Part 2: Depth of the Market Problem 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Within the “Venture Investing Expression,” let’s now unpack “Depth of market problem ∝ solution fit”

by Matthew Kee

July 21, 2023

Introduction to the “Venture Investing Expression”

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the middle of a recent startup pitch competition, someone asked me this probing question👇. “What is the one thing that you are looking for in these startups when you are investing?”